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Eight-year-old Donates 1753 Pounds Of Food To Meet Brad Paisley

Our food drive competition at the Brad Paisley concert on Saturday was a success! We had a huge showing of support from all who participated and we are now able to provide 2,990 meals to Middle Tennesseans at risk of hunger thanks to all of the generous donations.

Second Harvest, with the help of Brad Paisley and Live Nation, held a food drive competition between Brad Paisley fans outside the Bridgestone Arena before Saturday’s concert. All together we raised 2371 pounds of food and $285!

The winner of the food drive competition was Sydnie Dawson, an eight-year-old from Manchester, Tenn. She won premium tickets and backstage passes after bringing in 1753 pounds of food! She wanted to win the tickets because Brad Paisley gave her one of his hats a few weeks ago and she was determined to tell him ‘thank you’.

Well Sydnie, all of us at Second Harvest say ‘thank you’ to you for your generous donation!


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Brad Paisley Puts H20 Frozen Over Tour On Ice

Brad Paisley wrapped up his H20 Frozen Over tour in front of a wall-to-wall enthusiastic crowd at Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena on Saturday night (February 26). Effectively utilizing the video walls behind the stage, the reigning CMA Entertainer of the Year rose from a pool set on stage, declaring it Summer 2011 for the next two hours, before launching into his recent No. 1 hit, ‘Water,’ and kicking off the last show of the tour with as much energy as he did the first.

When the original H20 World tour kicked off days following last May’s tragic floods in Middle Tennessee, Brad, his band and crew had scrambled to put together a whole new set and production since many of his instruments, equipment and gear were washed away, along with those of hundreds of other artists and musicians. Just before the floods hit, he was all set to rehearse at Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena and his lighting grid was already hanging from the ceiling ready to flash the spotlight on what would have been Brad’s stage.

“I watched my crew wade through water for this tour. They waded waist deep in water to save what they could and pull this off,” Brad told The Boot during his shortened tour rehearsal. “I wouldn’t change that for anything and neither would they. It was one of the best weeks of my life in some ways, because I felt like I saw the best in people. I saw the best in my crew. They pulled together something for this tour. We had absolutely nothing left really besides the lights last week.”

That experience now far behind him, Brad kept Saturday night’s crowd on its feet with his hits ‘Online,’ ‘American Saturday Night‘ and ‘She’s Everything,’ while pulling from deep within for his scorching guitar licks. He stopped for a few moments to thank the hometown crowd, jokingly recognizing his insurance agent and his doctor in the crowd, saying it was good to be home. The guitar-slinger also acknowledged what a great year it’s been for him professionally and how thankful he is for the support from the country music community, before presenting his tribute to the industry, his latest single, ‘This is Country Music.’

What is it about a guy with a guitar and a cowboy hat that makes the girls go wild? The talented singer-songwriter had women ranging in age from 16 to 60 swooning, singing along and high-fiving each other when they were able to touch him, catch his eye or take away one of his guitar picks.

Next up was ‘Celebrity,’ which was accompanied by a video of the big-headed, live bobblehead Brad showing the bad side of being famous, before coming out live on stage, making the real Brad comment, “That’s the sexiest Muppet I have ever seen!”

The West Virginia native also regaled the crowd with ‘Waitin’ on a Woman,’ ‘Catch All the Fish,’ which featured his guitar hero, John Jorgenson (Desert Rose Band, Elton John), ‘Letter to Me,’ ‘Mud on the Tires,’ ‘I’m Still a Guy,’ ‘Whiskey Lullaby’ (with a simulated appearance by Alison Krauss), ‘The World,’ ‘I’m Gonna Miss Her’ and ‘Welcome to the Future.’

While Brad performed ‘Then,’ the ode he wrote for his wife, Kimberly Williams-Paisley, another love story was unfolding in the back of the arena when a man got down on one knee to ask his girlfriend to marry him. She nodded yes, and they slow danced to the last remaining strains of what has now become “their” song.

Spotted in the crowd were several music industry types, as well as Lady Antebellum’s Dave Haywood, who took to the band’s Twitter page to exclaim, “Darius killing it in Nashville! Love this town. Can’t wait to hear Brad Paisley!”

After a brief respite, Brad and his band came back on stage for the encore to perform ‘Ticks,’ which they followed with an all-star performance of ‘Alcohol.’ A bar was set up on stage as opening acts, Darius Rucker and Jerrod Niemann, came back to enjoy some refreshments and to sing with Brad. It also seemed everyone who was left backstage — the other bands, crew members and, most likely, record-label folks — gathered around the bar, swaying to the music. Nashville resident and music superstar, Sheryl Crow, surprised the crowd when she came on stage with acoustic guitar in hand, to perform alongside Brad.

Earlier in the night, Jerrod Niemann was the first performer on stage, blowing the crowd away with his set, which kicked off with ‘The Buckin’ Song.’ He followed with ‘One More Drinkin’ Song,’ as well as ‘Good Ride Cowboy,’ the No. 1 song he co-wrote for Garth Brooks in 2005, ‘What Do You Want,’ ‘Down in Mexico,’ ‘How Can I Be So Thirsty’ and ‘Lover Lover.’

Darius worked the crowd with several of his own country hits, ‘Alright,’ ‘Don’t Think I Don’t Think About It,’ ‘This,’ ‘It Won’t Be Like This for Long’ and ‘Come Back Song,’ and inserting some Hootie & the Blowfish hits, ‘I Only Wanna Be With You,’ ‘Let Her Cry’ and ‘Hold My Hand.’ He also led the audience in a sing-along to his self-professed “theme song,” Hank Williams, Jr.’s ‘Family Tradition.’ Before wrapping up his set with a kick-butt version of Prince’s ‘Purple Rain,’ he explained how sad he was that it was the last show and thanked Brad for letting him come along for the ride.

Brad has a couple of dates on the books, including his next performance at the Houston Live Stock Show & Rodeo on March 19. He is set to release his new studio album, ‘This is Country Music,’ on May 24.


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Brad Paisley’s New Pre-Show Ritual Is A Stretch

Some artists’ pre-show rituals include a having a drink or taking a couple deep breaths, but Brad Paisley’s must-do activity before a concert involves a few stretching exercises. It’s something he’s learned the hard way, thanks to his painful fall from the stage last year during the final show of his American Saturday Night tour. The 38-year old tried to ignore the persistent dull ache in his lower back while beginning his H20 World tour, but soon realized he needed medical intervention.

“When we did that stadium show in Boston, I ran and went nuts up and down the catwalk like I do, and the next day we tried to go see a movie and I had to take a break from walking from the car into the theater,” he tells Nashville’s Tennessean newspaper. “I had to sit on the benches outside the theater because I couldn’t go any further.”

The reigning CMA Entertainer of the Year says one visit with his doctor made him aware of why he was still suffering months after the accident. “I realized, here I am going out cold for a two-hour show where I run around like an idiot in a pair of cowboy boots, without warming up or anything, carrying around a 10-pound guitar,” he explains. “It’s not good for you.”

Thankfully, his physician gave him a few movements he can do before his rigorous show, that will not only ease the pain, but also ensure him several more years of high-energy shows. “My doctor says I’m young enough that this shouldn’t happen again, especially if I take the time to make sure I’m getting my muscles in shape and not just going out there and abusing myself,” he says.


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Brad Paisley brings taste of summer to Bridgestone with his H2O tour

Brad Paisley has spent years singing about his lifelong love affair with water, from early hit “I’m Gonna Miss Her (the Fishing Song)” to his 2010 No. 1 “Water.”

By the time he dug into preparation for his 2010 H2O tour — which included a traveling water park — the reigning CMA entertainer of the year might have thought the wet stuff had touched his life in every way possible. He was wrong. When Nashville flooded last May, the country star lost a lifetime of guitars and music gear and the bulk of the new H2O stage set less than a month before its first date.

But Paisley says seeing his crew pull together to replace his setup and get the show up and running on schedule is something that forever changed the way he views the people around him.

In advance of his H2O Frozen Over tour stop Saturday at Bridgestone Arena, we talked to the singer about a season of challenges and triumphs and what’s still to come.


What were you thinking when you took entertainer of the year at the CMA Awards in November?

We had three weeks to pull (the H2O World tour) together (after losing so much equipment in the flood). It was all we could do to walk out on stage that first night and not have it all unravel. The fact that this tour is the tour that won entertainer of the year, the meaning is so palpable. It’s just so crazy to me. I wouldn’t change a thing.

The flood changed everything for me — the way I look at my crew. I will never take for granted the technology we use out here or the manpower and the people that put this on again. Because you get in the habit of walking out there and you take for granted that the lights are going to come on in the building and the sound is going to work and you are going to do your thing. Then three weeks before we start, the only things left unscathed were the lights that hang in the ceiling above the stage, because those were above the water, and the aluminum frame of our set. I’ll never take for granted again the fact we have everything working. So winning it this year, after the miracle involved of getting the show up and running again — it wasn’t just about me, it was about them.


You had two stages and a water park at the summer H2O stops. How did you adapt the tour for a cold weather crowd?

I came up with the winter tour theme of bringing summertime indoors. The show starts with some video content Moo TV did for me — it’s a flyover of the Arctic, then a huge ice sculpture of H2O looking like a monolith in the middle of a blizzard as I come up through the water on the stage.

We bring that feeling of the ice melting and the sun coming out inside, and it’s worked really, really well. In Nashville, after the winter we’ve had, people will be ready to pretend it’s summer.


How did the tour’s success impact what you plan to do onstage in the future?

The thing that surprised me the most is how successful the second stage was for everybody. Because all these fans come to these shows in the summer and they are there at 4 o’clock in the parking lot, we were like, “Let’s put a stage up and let these new acts play on a stage for all these hardcore fans.” The next thing you know, there are shows with 8,000 people watching the (opening acts), which is so much bigger than any of them could ever dream at that stage in their career. So my fans have something to do all afternoon with the Slip ‘N Slide and all the stuff we were doing, and then by the time (the main stage show starts), it really became so much better as a bang for a buck than I even imagined it would be.

It’s really changed the way we think about summer touring. I don’t know how we could abandon that now. I don’t know how we could do a summer tour and not bring that much to the table. Now we’re thinking of ways to make that even better. People really had a great time with this and they did it in the worst economy since the Great Depression.


For this tour, Darius Rucker and Jerrod Niemann kick off the show. How do you choose your opening acts?

I’m not totally involved in that. I default to people around me for some of this. I had a conversation with (Big Machine Label Group president and CEO) Scott Borchetta about some new artists he’s got, because we’ve had a lot of his acts out on the road. Then I went to Gary Overton (chairman at Sony Music Nashville) and said, ‘What’ve you got?’ Inevitably you become close to (the openers) and you start to really root for them. It’s fun for me. I love watching them figure this out. I remember that. I remember my first tour — it was with Alan Jackson and I remember thinking, ‘What in the world am I doing here?’


Can you share some 2011 tour surprises?

I think it all comes down to music and the fact that I have a new album coming out May 24 now. I really believe in my heart that what matters is that you get that music right and that you’re happy with everything from beginning to end (because) it’s the basis for everything you do for the next year and a half.

Now that that’s right, I’m able to focus on the tour. (New music) changes the way the show feels instantly. Then there’s the support acts. I’m very excited to finally bring Blake Shelton out on the road. Blake and I just cut a duet on the album. If we want, we can perform that and that will be a new experience. (Right now I’m thinking), ‘How can I make this tour something that’s really worth money for these people?’


What do you still want to do, tour-wise?

There’s a lot of fun things hopefully to come. I have a lot to say as a songwriter yet. I’ve got hopefully years left in me of coming up with creative ideas of how to put on a show and touring.

That’s the fun part for me: writing an album, coming up with these songs and then going, “What are we going to do?” We’ve got this new song called “Camouflage” that I absolutely cannot wait to do live. It’s begging for not only the right treatment in terms of video, but an entire line of T-shirts and hats. You get a license at this level and I’m having a blast. You can make the most of success and try some new things and use your status to have fun and do some good, or you can get paranoid about it and try and cling to it and be too safe. I don’t want to do that.


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Brad Paisley’s Son Is ‘Obsessed’ with Carrie Underwood

He’s just turned 4, but Huck Paisley already has an eye for the ladies, according to his country star dad.

“Huck has the biggest crush in the world on Carrie Underwood,” Brad Paisley tells PEOPLE. “He is obsessed with her and he’s only four.”

Huck and Underwood already had a memorable first date.

Says Paisley, “Carrie came over to the farm [last week] and she hadn’t met him yet. He went out and got her roses – we took him to Whole Foods and he picked them out himself – and he wrote her a Valentine and dictated it to his mom.

“He said, ‘I hope you have an incredible day and night. Love Huck.’ That’s what he wanted to say to her.”

And after delivering his note and blooms, Huck put on a show of strength for his crush.

“We were all hanging out in the studio and out of the blue, he said, ‘Carrie, watch!’ And he pushed the pillows off of the couch with both arms and held them above his head and he said, ‘Look how strong I am!’” Paisley, 38, says. “It was like, ‘Wow, the instinct is there already!’”

“He likes her and likes her music a lot – in fact one of the things he said that was really funny the other day before he met her was, ‘I don’t like girls,’” Paisley adds. “And I said, ‘What about Carrie? And he was like, ‘Oh I like her music.’”

Paisley also has a second son, 22-month-old Jasper Warren, with wife Kimberly Williams-Paisley.


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Brad Paisley Has a Special Corvette Named After Him

If you have seen the video for Brad Paisley’s ‘Welcome to the Future,’ you might remember the three different Corvettes featured in the clip. Knowing what a big fan of the car he was, Chevrolet invited the singer to take part in a Corvette Dream Giveaway contest in which one winner would drive away with not one, but two Corvettes, one of of which is a one-of-a-kind Brad Paisley Hero Edition Corvette ZR1, painted ermine white with red stripes. The other is a restored 1967 Corvette Stingray convertible. Both cars were presented to Brian Landgren of Washington over the weekend, with all proceeds going to the Kids Wish Network’s Hero program, of which Brad has been involved with since 2001.

For the car nuts, some of the specs of the Brad Paisley custom car include a 6.2 liter V8 engine with a performance upgrade system producing more than 720 horse power, which is more than a standard Corvette’s 638-hp. If you were to look under the hood, you would also find Brad’s signature.

In August, Brad toured the Chevrolet Corvette plant in Bowling Green, Ky., and watched while his own custom-ordered Corvette came off the assembly line. Once the vehicle was finished, he was given the honor of pushing the start button. “Touring the Corvette plant and actually seeing my car get the finishing touches on the assembly line was sort of surreal — like a big boy’s dream,” Brad said. “All the employees at the plant were just great … Thanks for a great day and making the great American sports car!”

Chevy also happened to be the title sponsor of Brad’s H2O World tour last year.

Fresh from his pre-race show at this past weekend’s Daytona 500 where he drove the official pace car (not a Corvette), Brad will hit the road again on Thursday, February 24, when his H20 Frozen Over tour will thaw out slightly in Orlando, Fla.


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Brad Bumps Paint With Jeff Gordon?

Brad Paisley says driving the pace car at the Daytona 500 Sunday (Feb. 20) was NASCAR fantasy camp for him.

“WOW!!!!!!! I think I won like three laps!!! Wait, what?” Brad tweeted after getting behind the wheel of the red Chevrolet Camaro SS pace car. “Seriously, driving the pace car was about the most ridiculously exciting thing I’ve ever done. & @JeffGordonWeb was bumping me tradin’ paint!”

Brad did a pre-race show for the Daytona crowd before getting into the pace car. Still, for Brad, the pace car was the best.

“Looking in your rear view mirror and seeing that sight is something I may never top,” he tweeted.


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